Jennifer has been great with my mom. She has been handling all her doctors, meds, etc. for years now. We have been consulting on the best areas of care for her and she has been really helpful in providing information. This takes a great burden off of me. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

Brian Slagel
Los Angeles, CA


Jennifer was a godsend in my efforts to care for my Aunt.  I was appointed as her conservator due to her dementia.  She was a very proud, and independent woman,  not easy to deal with as her dementia progressed. Jennifer was able to gain her trust, and friendship due to her compassionate nature, and professional abilities.

I live two hours away from my Aunt and would not have been able to provide the quality or growing level of care needed without Jennifer’s help.

Jennifer assisted me in setting up and managing caregivers, attending Drs appointments, medication issues, and ultimately her relocation into a facility when we could no longer manage her safely at home.    

This is a highly stressful and difficult situation for any family.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thanks again!!!

Julie Casserly
Sky Valley, California


My aunt was the victim of financial and physical abuse. Our elder abuse attorney retained Jennifer’s company to oversee the physical, medical, and emotional care of my aunt. Jennifer was, and still is, the best thing that could have happened to my aunt. Jennifer has personally arranged for my aunt’s medical treatments (cancer, pneumonia, dementia, depression, physical therapy) as well as relocation to a board and care facility, recreational outings, home visits to the board and care facility, and regular visits to an “elder day care” facility. My aunt would not have the quality of life she currently enjoys without Jennifer’s professional expertise and the personal relationship she has developed with my aunt. Jennifer has been the answer to our prayers.

Doreen and Jim
Chicago, Illinois


Providing care for my sister living on the West coast, while I live on the East coast, seemed an almost insurmountable challenge. Locating Jennifer and having her provide the care, evaluations, coordination of services and doctors, and seeing to the overall well-being of my sister was magic. Jennifer provided the services my sister needed and provided me with the peace of mind I needed 3000 miles away. Thank you Jennifer.

Nancy Smith
Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Jennifer is both perceptive and compassionate. I originally hired Jennifer because my mom was not doing well in the facility she used to live in. She was able to help us through some difficult times, and her advice and advocacy has greatly enhanced our mother’s quality of life.

Meredith Alcock Esq.
San Diego, California


Jennifer has been providing care coordination for my mother who is in her mid-80’s for five years. Neither myself nor my two brothers live near her, and it has been very comforting to have Jennifer close by in order to attend doctor appointments, hire and supervise caregivers, and communicate with us about any changes in care or status that occur. We would not feel good about Mom continuing to live independently, which is her expressed wish, without this added support. Thank you Jennifer!

Dr. Laura Feldman
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Jennifer was an invaluable resource to me and my family in our search to find a new facility for my mother. Our case had many challenges—my mother’s needs were very specific (as can be the case with Alzheimer’s), her current board and care situation was out of control, and our family was at a point of mental and emotional exhaustion. Jennifer immediately alleviated things—she met our mom and developed a thorough plan of care. She recommended resources that we could use in the present, so my mother could be more stable as we searched for a new place. She researched and screened potential facilities and accompanied me on visits to them. She was knowledgeable, compassionate, and, most of all, an absolute advocate for my mother. I truly felt as though one of my siblings was there in the room with me, such was the level of her interest in finding a place that met my mother’s needs. At the same time, she was able to remain much more level-headed than I was which helped in guiding our family to a decision that felt right. Her balance of passion and professionalism was perfect for us. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Roxana Ortega
Hollywood, California


I first came to Jennifer to help me work through a very difficult situation with my mom’s progressing dementia and daily living challenges. I have been working with her for over five years now. Throughout this time she has provided me with creative and appropriate options, sound advice, knowledge and support as my mom’s disease has progressed and her needs have changed. Jennifer has also shown great respect for my mom and treated her with the utmost dignity and caring. Jennifer is always available when I have questions or need help and she is very quick to respond. I highly recommend Jennifer (Geriatric Care Consultants LLC) to anyone who needs help working through the process of making the complex, difficult, and often emotional choices you face in dealing with your parent’s health and daily living challenges.

Heidi Coral
Thousand Oaks, California


Jennifer has an innate ability to connect well with people. My uncle was not able to trust or relate to others very well, but he grew to trust her deeply. I live in Seattle and it has been nerve-wracking worrying about his care. Jennifer was great about informing me of visits to doctors and always followed up with a report. As my uncle was declining she went out of her way to keep me posted on how he was doing, and she followed up by communicating to the hospice medical team and assisted living staff. Jennifer is compassionate, caring and approaches her work with humor and joy. I highly recommend her.

Vicki Robinson
Seattle, Washington


Dear Jennifer,
I wanted to express my gratitude for providing support and encouragement to our family regarding my 95 year old mom. Your assessment gave us the confidence to make the right decision for her.

By weighing all of the options with you, we had the confidence to move her to the right place. In addition, you helped us save thousands of dollars so that she wouldn’t run out of her money.

We need more compassionate people like you in the field.

Thanks so much.

Marina Kriegsman
Los Angeles, California


Jennifer has been invaluable in helping our family manage our mother’s care from afar. My mother’s health issues were making it more and more difficult for her to live independently, but it wasn’t until she started working with Jennifer that she finally saw the logic of moving into a facility that could get her the assistance she needed. Jennifer also helped advocate for my mother with her doctors to get the proper medications and physical therapy, and my mother is much happier in her new apartment than she was living on her own. We’re forever grateful.

Kirk Citron
San Francisco, California


Jennifer is a very caring and professional geriatric specialist. Since I don’t live in Los Angeles, she has helped me look after my mother for many years. She provides emotional support, organizes doctor visits, makes sure appropriate medication and physical therapy are proscribed, and is always there in case of emergency.
Her network of doctors and specialists has also been very valuable, and we were able to wean my mother away from powerful pain drugs thanks to a specialist Jennifer knew.

I would recommend Jennifer without hesitation.

Maja Thomas
New York, New York