Quote in Forbes Magazine 2024 Relevant to Medical Devices for the Home

Bay Alarm medical alert devices can be beneficial for individuals without dexterity issues who live alone. “It’s a great option if the person is relatively high functioning and capable of pressing the button,” says Jennifer Voorlas, a certified gerontologist and patient care advocate at Geriatric Consultants in Malibu, California. However, she notes the device may […]

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Case Management in Patients With Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients with early-onset AD and their families face great obstacles—medically, socially, and psychologically. Depending on the age at onset, they may also face financial hardships. Helping patients and families cope with this disorder requires special skills in evaluating, counseling, applying for disability benefits, helping to shore up social networks, and more. Read how you can […]

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Substance Abuse and The Elderly

How do I know if my loved one is having a problem with abusing prescription drugs and or alcohol? Alcohol and substance abuse rank third among the leading mental disorders in older adults, and the rates of alcohol abuse range from 2 to 10% . These percentages are considered to be underestimated due to the […]

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Making Tough Decisions

Spotlight on the family caregiver: Many family members become “caregivers” to an elderly loved one in their family.  While your parent may not be living with you, you may be providing the ongoing emotional support, grocery shopping, scheduling doctors appointments and driving your parent if they can no longer do so.  Finding appropriate resources and […]

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Driving and Seniors: When is it time to have the talk?

There is no easy answer to this question, and telling mom or dad to stop driving is an emotional topic which must be tread lightly.  If you can imagine back to when you were a teenager and you got your first car, driving symbolized independence, freedom, competency. As we get older our bodies start to […]

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Fall Prevention

The Problem Many seniors and their families do not realize that there are many components which come into play to contributing to the high risk of falling.  Often it takes a crisis to occur-which can result in hospitalization and or placement in a long term care facility for the family and the senior to realize […]

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Falls and the Elderly

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